KK's Curly Kids
One-of-a-kind Natural Hair Dolls,
Accessories and More!


One-of-a-kind natural hair dolls and accessories

Peace, my name is KK.  I'm an artist, eco-crafter, vocalist, songwriter, fashion designer, model, blogger, illustrator, seamstress, motivational speaker, workshop facilitator and so much more:@)  I created the Curly Kids to empower African children to embrace their Natural Beauty and Heritage.

I'm a teenpreneur who's living her dream of being an artist extraordinaire.  I've always loved dolls and played with them with my friends.  My favorite part was styling their hair and designing their outfits.  In daycare, I was also designing clothes for other children my age out of construction paper and notebook paper.  I continued to build upon those interests and eventually began creating jewelry and other crafts out of common household recyclables and now I teach Eco-Friendly workshops!  

In the 8th grade, I was teased and ridiculed about my choice to wear my hair natural.  That teasing encouraged me to start thinking about what other girls, my age and younger, were going through who wore their hair natural as well.  In the 10th grade, I went through an African Rites of Passage program and was introduced to a Ghanaian perspective of becoming a young woman.  It was during this program that I started to pick up on my love for sewing and discover my love to discover more about my heritage.

Throughout the different kinds of community service I've done, I was privileged to meet a woman named Ms. Debbie Hardy who tasked me with taking old dolls and giving them a new look.  It was this task that started me on the road to creating outfits from bits of African-inspired cloth I had laying around and replicating different hairstyles that I did on my own hair.

At the beginning of this year, I saw a need in the Teen community for a support system for those of us that wear our hair natural and created Teen Natural Connection, a community for Natural Teens of Color.  As the year progressed, I decided to also address the need I see for natural children to have dolls to play with that positively reflect their Natural Beauty, thus, KK's Curly Kidz!

I hope you enjoy these works of art from my heart!

Peace and Love,

"Mama of the Curly Kids"