KK's Curly Kids
One-of-a-kind Natural Hair Dolls,
Accessories and More!


One-of-a-kind natural hair dolls and accessories

Collections: Soiree(Currently Sold Out) and Culturista

  The Culturista Collection(our V.I.P set) consists of Natural Hair dolls and they each come with a handmade outfit, matching handmade hairbow, and a handmade beaded bracelet. A matching set(hairbow and bracelet) for the proud owner is available for an additional purchase of $14.99 each(Please request in comments on doll order).  The outfits on the dolls from the Soiree Collection are not handmade and DO NOT come with a bracelet or hairbow, hence the cheaper price.  WE ARE OPEN TO DISCUSSING CUSTOMIZING YOUR CURLY KID EXPERIENCE BY PAIRING CERTAIN HAIRSTYLES WITH CERTAIN DOLLS AND OUTFITS, JUST MENTION THAT  when you call us @ 240-286-5542.  All Curly Kids are packed in reusable cloth bags made from remnants of the doll outfits to keep our carbon footprint smaller.  Currently, doll dresses (Culturista V.I.P sets only) are being made of fabric choices you see depicted in our store---->Click HERE.  We hope you enjoy this art from our heart!

Rafika: Soiree Collection SOLD

                                                                                  Rafika: Culturista Collection(V.I.P.) SOLD

Hi!  I'm Rafika(pronounced Rah-fee-kah)!  I was born in Tunisia, a country in North Africa.  Tunisia is the smallest country in North Africa.  Our National language is Arabic.  I like to crochet in my spare time. My favorite food is Couscous.  When I grow up, I'm going to be a rocket scientist!

Deja: Soiree Collection SOLD

                                                                                    Deja: Culturista Collection(V.I.P.) SOLD

Hi!  I'm Deja(pronounced Day-jah)!  I was born in Somalia, a country in East Africa.  Somalia has the longest coastline on the mainland of Africa.  Our national languages are Arabic and Somali.  In my spare time I like to dance and hang out with friends.  My favorite food is Chicken Stew.  When I grow up, I'm going to open up and own a school of dance!  

P.S. - This doll is named after KK's 1st best friend.  Deja transitioned from this earth, entirely too soon, in June 2010.  She was an amazing dancer, vocalist, artist, fashion extraordinaire and above all, caring.  They were Divas in Diapers(they met each other as infants) and Deja is one of KK's inspirations in the creation of the Curly Kids.  Her legacy lives on in our hearts! 

Thandiwe: Soiree Collection SOLD

                                                                                   Thandiwe: Culturista Collection(V.I.P.) SOLD

Hi!  I'm Thandiwe(pronounced Thon-dee-way)!  I was born in Zambia, a country in South Africa.  Zambia is slightly larger than Texas.  Our national language is English.  I like to make pottery in my spare time.  My favorite food is Nashima which consists of rice, veggies and meat in a stew.  When I grow up, I'm going to be a marine biologist!  

Sidna: Soiree Collection SOLD

                                                                                  Sidna: Culturista Collection(V.I.P.) SOLD   

Hi!  I'm Sidna( pronounced Sid-nah)!  I was born in Mauritania, a country in West Africa.  Mauritania is more than 50% desert.  Our national languages are Arabic and English.  In my spare time I like to sing with my friends.  My favorite food is Thieboudiene (Cheb-u-jin) which consists of fish, rice, veggies and tomato sauce.  When I grow up, I'm going to be the CEO of my own music label!